In with both feet...




The who

I live in Austin Texas. My wife, our little boy we have found Texas to be welcoming, warm and a feast for the senses.

I began processing film with my dad at age 12. In 1992 I committed to photography full time. Based out of Madison Wisconsin, we maintained a studio, a great network of friends and industry folk. In 2017 we migrated to Austin and hopefully put the chore of shoveling snow behind us.

The what

A freelance/contract photographer, I've teamed with clients for over 25 years directing productions large and small, generating compelling imagery for advertising, non profit, editorial and corporate identity.

The why

Inspired by people, and everyday surroundings, driven by a passion for light and composition and powered by coffee, family and my wits. I strive to communicate authenticity through images, with you, for you.